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Piwik for MSAF is a normal Analytics Service like the build in services (e. g. GoogleAnalytics). You can use it on the same way.

About Piwik

Piwik is an open source web analytics software like Google Analytics. More about Piwik you can found on


There are only two parameters you must set up to use the Analytics Service.

URL to your Piwik Installation, e. g. ''

The Id of your page on wich you want to track.

Tutorials, articles and more

I wrote a Tutorial for tracking pageviews within a Windows Phone 7 App and Google Analytics. You only have to replace Google Analytics with Piwik
Windows Phone 7: Track PageViews with MSAF

Mark Monster wrote a good tutorial about the basics of the MSAF. It's a good article to start with the basics.
Statistics for your Windows Phone application (Google Analytics)

Also a good start is the Codeplex page of the MSAF.

Projectpage on my site
Piwik for Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

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